There is a common myth in society that girls are not interested in technology. This is simply not true. According to Skolinspektionen, the number of boys and girls who claim to be interested in technology in year 5 of primary school is almost identical – approximately 90%. 

However, for girls, this number drops from 86% at age 11 to only 37% at age 15.

Source: Skolinspektionen

Ulrika Sultan, Ph.D. at Linköping University, claims that girls often require a broader understanding of the societal impact of technology than is currently taught in schools to be truly interested.

When we asked the girls, they all claim to love technology.

As one of the participants at IGEday 2019 points out: “Everyone knows that a doctor saves lives, but what they don’t realize is that developing new technologies can be just as life-saving”.

In order for girls to pursue an engineering career, they need to be encouraged to understand what greater impact they can create. We need to help them retain their interest as they grow.

Never assume a girl to be uninterested in technology!

Enable her to understand that engineers are crucial for a more sustainable world. Use UN’s Sustainable Development Goals at your next IGEday to spark a discussion.

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