Step 1: Prepare your company for IGEday

First of all, it might be a good idea to get your employees’ attention as to why you are hosting IGEday. You can use this text or this video to get them to understand what IGEday is all about.

Then, send out a “Save the Date” for the 3rd of April.

Time: 9 – 14:30

Where: At your own premises

How: Use your own role models to show all the amazing things you do at your company.

Step 2: Decide how many girls you want to invite and at how many locations

Got your company’s OK to attend? Great. Then you need to decide how many participants you can invite to your company. Also, consider whether your company would like to host IGEday in several locations or not.

Company Sign Up for IGEday 2020 is closed.

Step 3: Prepare your company page at

Right after you have signed up for IGEday we will ask you some questions.

  • The exact number of participants you want to invite
  • A short description of what the participants will do at your company
  • A YouTube video explaining why your company is the best
  • Your address
  • Your logo

You will receive these questions by email and enter them in an online form.

Step 4: Use our help to get ready

Between December and March, we will continuously provide you information via email, and on this site, on how to succeed on IGEday.

If you choose to become a Ruby or Diamond partner, you will have your own dedicated Account Manager. You will also get invited to our Inspirational Workshops in Stockholm, Linköping, Gothenburg, and Malmö.

Step 5: 3rd of April, IGEday 2020

Yeah, it is time to host IGEday.

A few weeks before IGEday you will receive the following information from us.

  • How many participants that will attend your IGEday
  • If they have certain allergies or food preferences
  • Their contact details (including near relatives)
  • If they allow you to photograph them or not